What does PBIS look like at Momot Elementary School?

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What Does PBIS Look Like at Momot?
Behavioral Matrix

Universal (School Wide) Programs:

  • Second Step: delivered by Child Advocate with support from classroom teacher (pre-k – 2). The program provides instruction aimed at developing important social skill relating to empathic behavior, anger management and interpersonal problem solving.
  • Kudos: praise from any staff member to any child for following the 4 Bs delivered via AM announcements
  • Positive Office Discipline Referral: certificate to child on the recommendation of the teacher delivered by the principal
  • Behavioral Expectations Matrix: expectations taught school wide the first week of school on locations by Child Advocates, School Psychologists, Principal, Speech Therapists
  • Behavioral Expectations Matrix: expectations reviewed during the first week in January during Second Step or Steps to Respect lessons.
  • Steps to Respect: delivered by Child Advocate with support from the classroom teacher (3-5). This program provides instruction aimed at developing social skills that will reduce bullying.

Targeted Interventions:

  • Playground Re-teaching: for children who are having trouble following playground rules. Children have the opportunity to practice appropriate playground behavior with a counselor during recess.
  • Check In: for children who are having trouble following classroom rules. Children will have the opportunity to develop a special relationship with a member of the staff who will reinforce appropriate classroom behavior.
  • Social Stars: for children who need to learn new social skills or practice previously learned social skills. Children will learn and practice identified skills is small groups two or three times a week with a counselor providing guidance.
  • Meaningful Work: for children who are having some difficulty following school rules. Children will be provided with opportunities to provide service to the school community with peer role models.
  • Banana Splits: for children who have experienced family divorce, separation or other loss. Children will meet once a week and participate in activities developed by a counselor and designed to help reduce the difficulties associated with separation, divorce or loss.
  • Case Partner: a case partner, usually one of the child advocates or school psychologists is assigned to provide on-going support and consultation to the child, the family and the teacher. The Case Partner maintains this relationship with the child and family for the duration of his attendance at Momot.

Intensive Interventions:

  • Intervention Team Meetings: the case partner coordinates and facilitates a school based interdisciplinary team. The team meets to develop individual behavioral intervention plans.
  • Wrap Around Process: the case partner coordinates and facilitates a strength based support team for families which includes agency and community members,
  • Community Services: The case partner coordinates referral, access and communication with appropriate community services eg. Clinton County Mental Health Services, National Alliance for the Mentally Ill, Behavioral Health Services, private psychiatrists.