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  • 6th Grade Reading Class
  • This course offers information, quizzes and chats about happening things in Explorer English class. wink

  • Access current assignments and projects while interacting with your Trailblazer teammates.
  • This is the Moodle course for English 7 AIS, taught by Mrs. Light & Mrs. Messner.
  • To study big ugly angry gods.

  • Welcome to Global Citizens English! This is a place where you'll be able to share ideas with your friends, take part in enrichment activities, review class materials, participate in online challenges, and publish your own work.
  • Diving Into History: Exploring Lake Champlain Through Nautical Archaeology

    Trail Blazers Team Project 2007-2008

  • Join our conversation about a variety of topics! Consider our guidelines for P4C: respond respectfully, explain your ideas and give reasons and examples when you respond!
  • This course will take you on an investigation into the science of global warming, current scientific predictions, and the perspectives of world leaders in environmental science and politics. 

  • This is a literature survey course.
  • This course allows guest users to enter  This course requires an enrolment key

    This class is designed for using technology in Second Grade Science.  It will cover various topics discussed in Science throughout the year.

  • A web quest designed to link students to Elizabethan life and times

  • This is a site for AIS students to record responses to the novel On My Honor by Marian Dane Bauer.

  • This course is deigned for Third Grade students to utilize during Writers' Workshop. It provides links to websites used for research, appropriate kid search engines, clipart for students, and various links to aid in the witing process. Students may upload written work to share and discuss in forums.
  • Blog on current classroom topics, chat in topic forums, and turn in your writing assignments electronically.
  • This is a place for you to find activities and resources to assist you in our AIS class.
  • This is the Moodle site for students involved in the infectious disease independent study groups. I've created a forum for you to discuss your research and responses to your reading with other students working on the independent study in different classes. Use this forum to discuss your research, share your ideas on the independent study, and compare notes on how things are going.
  • This is a place where you can find information to assist you with your assignments such as quiz reviews, homework reminders and notes from Mrs. McNichols.
  • The SMS Writers' Club Moodle Site is a place where you can find your voice and share your ideas. Feel free to post ideas about writing, excerpts from your writer's notebook, and works in progress.

    If you're working on a piece and want to get feedback from other writers, post a quick description of your piece, along with any specific requests for help (ideas for conclusion, places to improve word choice, etc.). Then upload the piece of writing as a Word file (Mrs. Messner will show you how) so that others can read it and leave you feedback.

  • This course will help students prepare for Part I of the Elementary Social Studies Test.
  • This course will help students prepare for Part I of the Global History and Geography Regents Examination.
  • This course will be an excellent way for 6th grade students to practice for their final social studies exam in June.

  • This course prepares voyagers for multiple choice type questions that they will experience on their final exam.

  • This course will be an excellent way for 6th grade students to practice for their final social studies exam in June.

  • This course is to be used by Global Citizens for their weekly Social Studies quizzes.

  • After reading Atlas of the World, we will examine the different kinds of maps we have:  physical, political, population and land use/economies.  We will look at an article on global warming and create some suggestions for concerned citizens. 

  • This course is to help us understand the evolution of communication. The course will cover a period of 5 weeks. It will begin with a survey asking participants how they like to communicate. Then we will explore the various inventions of the mail system, the telegraph, the telephone, computers, and cell phones and their impact on the general public. Participants will be assigned readings, research options, will be asked to interpret pictures, and will participate in weekly forums to discuss the weekly topic.The activities will end with quiz to assess what has been learned through the use of technology.
  • This course will help students prepare for Part I of the Intermediate Social Studies Exam.


  • Explore cultural anthropology.
  • This course will help students prepare for unit exams and for final exam review.
  • This course will help students prepare for Part I of the United States History and Government Regents Examination
  • This course is the geology unit for the Voyager Team.
  • Write a concise and interesting paragraph here that explains what this course is about

  • This course will help students prepare for Part I of the intermediate Science exam.

  • Write a concise and interesting paragraph here that explains what this course is about
  • This course will allow students to review for the 8th grade math assessment.

  • This is a course that deals specificially with content that students will see in Course III.

  • Introducing book talking, what it is, and how to do it.
    More info, on web site.
  • This is a site for reading and English review and practice.

  • This course will allow students to review information and take practice tests.

  • This course will allow teachers to practice Moodle quizzes.

  • This is an online professional development opportunity for faculty and staff of the Plattsburgh City School District.

  • This PCSD Technology Happy Hour series will give participants a basic overview of Moodle Open Source Course Management Software.
  • 6th, 7th, 8th Grade Computer Classessmile
  • Would you like to bring a little music into your classroom? This course will help you add a little rhythm to your student's days by showing you ways to incorporate music into your already existing curriculm.
  • Students will learn the basic skills needed to follow recipes and prepare food safely. 
  • Spnanish 4 - Independent studies.

  • In this course, the students will work independently and at their own pace on Spanish Intermediate Level 1 (HIGH SCHOOL). The course is set up into weeks. Each week, activities will be posted for students to complete: readings and responses, opinion questions and responses, structure review, responding to other students.  Every Monday after, there will be a quiz on the work from the previous weeks. At the end of the course, there will be a comprehensive exam.

  • This is a Spanish 3 Regents Review course to prepare for the exam regularly and at your own pace.

  • A journey into the rich cultural traditions of the Kuna Indians of Panama, with an emphasis on their art and literary form, the mola.  

  • This Spanish course will every week investigate cultural questions in the Spanish speaking world.

  • This Moodle site is designed to encourage discussion about Paris and its history and monuments as well as use links and resources provided by the instructor to enhance research for the project.

  • This is a basic course in Farsi.
  • This course prepares students for the French AP test.
  • Reading Across the Curriculum will focus on student literacy and content area reading comprehension. This workshop will be presented through Moodle online course management software and will utilize two texts: The Reading Zone: How to Help Kids Become Skilled, Passionate, Habitual, Critical Readers by Nancie Atwell. ($13.59 at Amazon) Subjects Matter: Every Teacher's Guide to Content-Area Reading by Harvey Daniels and Steven Zemelman. ($24.92 at Amazon) This is a free, two-credit inservice opportunity offered through the Plattsburgh City School District. (Participants are responsible only for the cost of required texts.)
  • A professional development opportunity designed to study the comprehensive role poverty plays in our student's achievement, family systems, and community.  Participants will engage in a book study to better understand the skills needed to reach students from impoverished backgrounds.

  • This "course" was suggested by people participating in an online DI workshop. Their request: a place where we can all keep sharing ideas and websites after this workshop ends. So now it's a place for all PCSD faculty and staff to share thoughts on teaching and learning. Here are some situations where you might use this forum:

    -You want to share a great website or online tool.
    -You want to recommend a book/resource to colleagues.
    -You're looking for ideas/resources for a particular lesson.
    -You'd like to get feedback/suggestions on a lesson or unit.
    -You'd like to share a lesson/strategy/handout with others who might find it useful.
    -Other positive uses related to teaching and learning.

    Remember that all posts to this forum are public - viewable by anyone in the school district who chooses to participate.

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